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Rising's 2 and Deputy Headteacher

About Me

Originally from India, my family has resided in the USA for the past 51 years and I have lived in Thailand for the last 24 years. Married to a Thai national I am a mother of two girls; my older one is studying her Bachelors in Education in Australia and my younger one is in the 9th grade at St Andrews International School, Bangkok.

I hold a Bachelors in Arts (Child Psychology) and Montessori Teaching Certificate in Early Childcare from the UK. This is now my 24th year in teaching and I fully understand the impact teachers have on the lives of their students. My teaching philosophy is student-centred and I believe in providing students with many hands-on experiences in all areas of learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage. I believe that the children learn in their own unique way and the classroom is where children should have the confidence and freedom to explore and discover what works best to achieve their own goals.

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