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About Me

My name is Mr. Chris, an English Early Years teacher from London, England.

I feel very privileged to have had an amazing and colourful childhood in London with my family. I loved going to school with my brothers, learning at school and at home, making new friends, playing sports, cooking, exploring and getting to know my teachers and the diverse local community.

My favourite part of being an Early Years teacher is that I get to use my experiences to create fun and dynamic learning opportunities for my students. I believe all children deserve to have beautiful vivid memories from their childhood that they can cherish for the rest of their lives just like me!

I feel that Early Years students are best equipped to learn when they are happy and confident to express themselves freely. My focus is to develop confidence and self-esteem in children so they can take an active role in the learning process and realise their talents. I aim to foster learning within a holistic setting that is free of stress and anxiety and where all contributions are respected. I accomplish this by guiding my students through group and individual learning that accommodates all learning styles and personalities. I am a strong believer that students learn best through doing and that children will develop essential social, emotional, physical, academic and creative skills in this way.

I love to promote an active and health filled lifestyle. I love all sports including triathlon, swimming, football, yoga, pilates, skateboarding and cycling. I compete in triathlon and endurance races in Asia regularly so you will most likely see me training in the local neighbourhood and parks! I love cooking and exploring food with my friends, students and family. I also enjoy reading, watching films and travelling.

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