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Admissions Procedure

Thank you for your interest in applying to The First Steps.

Our admissions team are here to guide you through the application procedure and to make the admissions process as smooth as possible.
For all admissions enquiries please contact our Head of Admissions on or telephone +6622603154

We aim to make the admissions process a pleasant, straightforward experience. We offer rolling admissions, allowing entry throughout the year, provided space is available.


The first step is to arrange a visit, during which you will be asked to complete an Application Form and provide the following:

  • A passport size photographs of your child (taken within the last 6 months)
  • A photocopy of your child’s birth certificate or passport
  • A photocopy of your (parents’) passports and visas
  • Copies of your child’s most recent school reports (if your child has been in a previous school)
  • A copy of any educational psychologist’s or medical reports that will help us to understand how best we can meet your child’s particular learning needs
  • A photocopy of your House Registration (Thai nationals only)

Note: Individual circumstances may mean that not all of these steps are possible or appropriate for your situation. However, we will talk with you about how best to tailor our admissions process to suit you and your family’s needs.


In asking parents to bring their child for a trail day, our aim is to determine whether he or she is able to access the whole school curriculum and whether their learning needs can be met by us.

The trial day, which takes place within school, is an opportunity for your child to participate in a normal school day with their peers and evaluate their compatibility with the school. They take part in all forms of class activities and are allocated class buddies to show them round at playtimes. Teachers will be consulted throughout the day about your child and these observations will be discussed later with the parents.

There are no formal entrance tests, however children do need to show a desire to learn; a willingness to participate in individual, group and class activities; and an ability to participate in the school curriculum. If this is difficult to evaluate, for any reason, on the trial day, a child may be invited for further trial days to allow for a fair review to be made.


We aim to send you written confirmation that we can offer your child a place at The First Steps within 24 hours of the assessment.


If you wish to accept the offer of a place at the school, we ask that you do so within two weeks of receiving the formal offer letter. Your child’s place will only be guaranteed if you have paid the non-refundable Registration Fee within two weeks of being offered a place. If you choose not to pay the Registration Fee and that Year Group becomes over-subscribed, your child’s place may be offered to another student.