Kindergarten 2 (4-5 Years Old)

Welcome to the 4-5 year olds at The First Steps. The children in this age group will have their fifth birthday during the academic year, which starts late August or early September. The following information will give you an insight into the curriculum for this age group and the way in which it is taught.

Topics – usually lasting half a term – are selected as a focus for learning and for the development of skills. Details of Topic – based activities in which your child will be involved will be sent to you during the year.

On going experiences which focus on the individual acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills are planned and taught according to the children’s needs. Children learn at differing rates and we are always aware of the need to recognize this in planning for individual development.

During the year, the use of themes and topics also allows us to work on the 7 areas of development;

  • Personal, social & emotional

  • Communication & language

  • Problem solving, reasoning & numeracy

  • Knowledge & understanding of the world

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development.

  • Literacy

About the Lessons: In this foundation stage the children are exposed to literacy and numeracy skills, which are well planned and taught to the children. During the year the jolly phonics knowledge is introduced on daily bases where the child learns the phonetic sounds and is able to blend them correctly. They children are able to use the phonic knowledge in writing and reading from simple growing to complex words. They are able to understand the uses of punctuation in writing simple sentences independently.

In numeracy the children are able to recognize the numerals up to 20 and are also introduced to addition and subtraction with the help of objects and counting through fingers and the mental recall of number bonds.

They are able to use words like bigger/smaller, heavier and lighter and also understand the quantities through the problem solving.

We also provide children with a wide selection of books that we read with them individually and in groups. We encourage them to listen and ask questions about the story. We give them opportunities to make up stories themselves. Books are also chosen to take home each day to read with the parents. The child is able to read the books with accuracy and fluency by the end of the year. We use the oxford-reading tree books to the children.

There is time set aside each day for play in the garden, as well as weekly Physical education classes, music and swimming lessons.

ICT: Appropriate computer programmers are used to support the children’s learning.