Kindergarten 1 (3-4 Years Old)

Welcome to the 3-4 year olds at The First Steps International School Bangkok. The children in this age group will have their fourth birthday during the academic year, which starts on 1st September. The following information will give you an insight into the curriculum for this age group, and the way in which it is taught.

Topics – usually lasting half a term – are selected as a focus for learning and for the development of skills.

Play and experimentation continue to be a major part of each child’s day. Activities include all aspects of creative work-drawing, painting, printing, sewing, modeling, singing & making music, role-playing, building, making patterns and cooking. There is time set aside each day for play in the garden, as well as weekly physical education classes and swimming lessons.

About the Lessons:

According to the early years foundation stage for this age, the children are exposed to early literacy and numeracy skills which are well planned and taught according to the children’s needs. Planned play activities include opportunities for the children to develop reading, writing and numbering skills. During the year they are exposed to the jolly phonics where they are able to recognize the letters and able to blend the sounds of the letters to form three letter words and are able to write their name independently.

In numeracy the children are able to recognize the numerals 1-9 and are also introduced to addition and subtraction with the help of objects. During this age the child develops his fine motor skills and is able to hold the pencil confidently, to be able to write independently. The teaching takes place with lots of fun and interesting games that later helps the child to build interest in the different areas of development.

We provide children with a wide selection of books that we read with them individually and in groups. We encourage them to listen and to ask questions about the story. We give them opportunities to make up stories and songs themselves. Library time begins in this class where books are chosen by the children to take home.


Appropriate computer programs are used to support the children’s learning.