Nursery 2 (2-3 Years Old)

Welcome to the nursery class at The First Steps. This section will give you information about the curriculum developed for this age group (2-3 year olds) and the way in which activities are organized in and out of the classroom.

Most of the children in this age group will have their third birthday during the academic year, which starts late August or early September and through to June. Part-time options for this age group are available for a minimum of three times a week.

The First Steps follows the British curriculum under which they focus on 7 main areas of learning development:

  • Personal, social & emotional

  • Communication, & language

  • Problem solving, reasoning & numeracy

  • Knowledge & understanding of the world

  • Physical Development

  • Creative Development

  • Literacy

During the academic year teachers plan the children’s learning around different themes. During school hours, children are involved in a range of creative activities – singing, dancing, painting, printing, collage, cutting, threading…etc. There are plenty of opportunities for free and structured play such as puzzles, role-play, modeling with play dough or clay. There is time set aside each day for play in the garden, as well as weekly physical education & swimming classes.

In this age group the children are involved with a lot of activities that are important for the development of their fine motor skills. For this we have a special pre-writing skill activities for every child where the parents can see the progress.

The children are exposed to their names and by the end of the school year they are able to recognize their own names. Some children are even able to read and count the letters in their names. During the school year the children are able to link some sounds to the letters randomly.

In numeracy the children can count reliably up to 5 objects independently and also understand what “one more” or “one less” from group of up to five objects. All the other areas of development fall according to the activities.

At the First Steps the children grow up to be confident and independent with the help of a creative environment full of love from our qualified staff who observe and listen carefully to the children’s interests and understand how children learn in order to plan activities that are real and meaningful in their lives.