The First Steps International Pre-School has a wonderful mix of children and it is not uncommon to find 6 or 7 different nationalities in one classroom. This creates a truly global class which you as a teacher will need to learn from and develop strategies to encourage growth in all the students.


Our use of the British National Curriculum gives you a strong frame work to plan your lessons and year-long strategies. The First Steps also has a strong sports base with the teachers taking a supporting role with our specialist instructors in Physical Education, Swimming, and Dance.

Our mission statement: “Our aim is to produce a happy and successful child ready to enter the multicultural world of “big schools” confidently”. We pride ourselves on achieving this year after year by nurturing our students and readying them with all the tools they need to be happy and comfortable in the larger education institutions in Thailand or abroad.

Career 02

Our teaching staff is varied both in terms of their cultural background and nationalities much like our classrooms. The First Steps requires all teaching staff to be fully qualified with a Bachelors or Masters in Education, be enthusiastic and ready for all challenges and have a 100% command of the English language.

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most exciting cities with a vast pool of every possible nationality and cultural group, as well as being home to international schools with over 50 years in business, Thailand is a great place to help build your career in international education.

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