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Active Classes

Active Classes:

The First Steps believes that physical education is an important part of a young child’s life, and as Bangkok, Thailand is not the easiest place to find these type of activities, we take it upon ourselves to support our students and on top of daily out door free play time, we provide three wonderful programs in during our weekly curriculum:

  1. Physical Education (PE) – for the entire school. Using a specially designed program which changes for all ages in the school. We teach large motor skills and body control, throwing catching jumping etc. Using our Indoor air-conditioned activities room, each class has a 25-45 minute PE class each week with the drills, skills, games being age specific. 
  2. Music/Dance/Movement – For the entire school. The Music program is also age specific and utilizes our activity room for 20-30 minute classes dependent on the age of the students.
  3. Swimming – We teach year round in our indoor warm pool for all students K1 (3-4 yrs) up. The Nursery children (2-3yrs) start swimming in the pool from term 2. While Nursery for term one and our smallest class the Rising 2’s who are only 14 months to 2.5 yrs do not go into big pool, but they use the splash pool once or twice a week.

Physical Education (PE) – Run by LETS ASIA, using the activities room or the garden the children do a variety of games and activities based on their ages and coordination. Each week the children do a different activity or game which focuses on a variety of skills or movements.

fun with PE

fun with PE

Music/Dance/Movement – The First Steps alternates between these programs and currently are running a Music and Movement program taught by one of our staff who specializes in music. Each Class has s 30 minute slot in which the students are taught using shakers, or dance movements to music, or playing musical instruments. The contents of the class varies based skills that are age specific for each year level. 

Swimming – Run by LETS ASIA, following their school swim curriculum each year groups is taught age specific swimming in their class starting with the simplest task that can be completed by ALL students and increasing in difficulty so that the Majority of students are challenged. With this program we happily create a school full of swimmers!

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